Zdeněk Jirků

jirkuzdenekportretI am a painter and artist born in 1980 in the highlands. After the primary art school I graduated from the Secondary Art School of Vaclav Hollar in Prague and then I got to the University of Applied Arts. The studies on it, however, I completed four semesters off.
Since 2012, engaged mainly paintings, portraits which occupy a top position.
My first portraits I painted in 13 years. Under the guidance of a professional so I knew measurement methods called „vizování“, the basics of shading and even professional construction drawings portrait as such. These acquired knowledge helped me during entrance examinations at secondary school of arts.
Over time, I have simplified and clarified the technique of drawing and adjusted the art procedures, the procedures for drawing portraits, shading etc.
The portrait is amazing that it can continue to develope and improve,
As a technical interpretation and the ability as well to grasp the depth of the character portrayed.
Techniques with I started was ruddle later I added oil painting and pastel in the end. Now I have had hundreds of portraits and satisfied customers.







jirkumalujeApart from portrait to landscape also deal in the open air. I follow to the techniques of the Impressionists and trying some of these fabulous fleeting moments captured in images. Here using techniques such as dry pastel and oil painting. I paint around Prague and in the Highlands. Furthermore I paint a picture of my dreams and visions and draw illustrations for books as well. That my work can be found at www.obrazysvetla.cz. My paintings can be seen on my exhibitions. The latest list can be found here Exhibitions. I try to be a Renaissance artist, don´t stagnate and expand my knowledge, skills..

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